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Ihnen den Vorteil der Gewehre nehmen.
Take away the advantage of their guns.
Meine Kinder werden den Vorteil von allerlei gute Gedanken nehmen
My children will take advantage of all sorts of good thoughts. owners will use, I could be taken. very, very important.
Man kann keine Risiken nehmen ohne überhaupt einen Vorteil zu haben.
You can't take risks with no upside at all.
Den Unternehmen, die die Regelung in Anspruch nehmen, erwächst daraus ein Vorteil.
The incentive confers a benefit on the companies receiving them.
Den Unternehmen, die die Subvention in Anspruch nehmen, erwächst daraus ein Vorteil.
The subsidy confers a benefit to the companies receiving them.
Auch bei den Finanzierungskosten werden größere Unter nehmen einen gewissen Vorteil genießen.
The measures given of a firm's innovative activity innovations expressed in terms of the number of patents, and research input in terms of R D staff or expenditure are not perfect.
Den Unternehmen, die die Regelung in Anspruch nehmen, erwächst daraus ein Vorteil.
Thus small agri biodiesel producers can combine this scheme with the biodiesel mixture credit scheme and thus receive altogether USD 1,10 per gallon.
Lokale Ressourcen nehmen zum Vorteil der Gesellschaft aktiv an Wissenschaft und Innovation teil.
Local resources are taking an active part in scientific endeavour andinnovation in favour of society.
Für den Rat könnte es von Vorteil sein, sich daran ein Beispiel zu nehmen.
The Council could benefit from taking inspiration from this example.
erhalten will, kann es deshalb von Vorteil sein, transnationale Zusammenarbeitsmaßnahmen sehr ernst zu nehmen.
... evidence that cooperation systems increase productivity, and there are indications that Nordic employers have been changing their position on transnational cooperation 9 poses a dilemma for them, juxtaposing the desire to promote economic growth with the need to project their position and influence.
Der Vorteil des Netzwerks ist, dass man selbst in der Laborphase Stellung nehmen kann.
The bonus of the network is that even in the lab phase you can comment.'
Daraus folgt, dass den Unternehmen, die den Befreiungsmechanismus in Anspruch nehmen können, ein Vorteil entsteht.
The exemption mechanism consequently confers an advantage on the undertakings which are eligible for it.
Landwirte, die die Umweltproblematik ernst nehmen, sollen im Vergleich zum derzeitigen System einen wirtschaftlichen Vorteil erhalten.
Farmers who take up the environmental challenge will have a financial advantage compared with the current system.
So einen Vorteil finde ich anderswo nie wieder. Er verpflichtet sich, sie ohne Mitgift zu nehmen.
I find an advantage here which I should not find elsewhere and he agrees to take her without dowry.
On vielen O äffen ist es von Vorteil, Jie Oliffe eines Fachmanns in Anspruch zu nehmen.
Union. However, any post registration proceedings must be in one of the f ve languages of the Office.
Durch die Verringerung der Steuerschuld wird den Unternehmen, die diese Regelung in Anspruch nehmen, ein Vorteil gewährt.
The reduced tax liability of a company using this scheme confers a benefit.
Landwirte, die die Umweltproblematik ernst nehmen, sollen im Vergleich zum derzeitigen System einen wirtschaft lichen Vorteil erhalten.
Farmers who take up the environmental challenge will have a financial advantage compared with the current system.
Nehmen wir das Beispiel eines Landes, dessen Zahlungsbilanz ein Defizit aufweist und das hieraus einen Vorteil zieht.
For each project an attempt shall be made to state its effects on each of the listed environmental elements in terms of the change in the physical measure concerned and the number of people affected.
Die Beendigung der Handelspräferenzen würde den Begünstigten einen objektiven wirtschaftlichen Vorteil bei ihrem Handel mit der EU nehmen.
The termination of the trade preferences would take from the beneficiaries an objective economic advantage in their trade with the EU.
Durch direkte Förderung der Industrieproduktion kann man den Vorteil genießen, ohne den Nachteil in Kauf nehmen zu müssen.
By encouraging industrial production directly, it is possible to have the upside without the downside.
Tabelle 11.4 zeigt, daß exportierende Unter nehmen jede Art von Vorteil signifikant häufiger nennen als nicht exportierende Unternehmen.
Table 11.4 shows that all advantages are acknowledged by significantly more exporters than non exporters.
Der Vorteil für die Unter nehmen ergab sich aus Vorschriften, die eine Erhöhung des Einnahmeanteils der Rennsportgesellschaften vorsahen.
The advantage resulted from legislation providing for an upward adjustment of the income share of the racecourse undertakings.
Die Vielfalt Europassollte als Vorteil betrachtet werden, wobei die europäische Ebene auf dieverschiedenartigen nationalen Verfahrensweisen Rücksicht nehmen muss.
Diversityin Europe should be treated as an asset and the European level must take accountof diverse forms of national practices
Eine solche Verfahrensweise hat den Vorteil, daß wir nicht für jede Harmonisierung zusätzliche Ressourcen in Anspruch nehmen müssen.
This is a good policy because we don't need many extra resources for all harmonization processes.
The legal nature of a letter of intent has to be established on a case by case basis, taking into account the wording of the letter of intent, the circumstances under which it was signed and the general rules of interpretation according to Slovenian law.
distort or threaten to distort competition, and affect trade between Member States.
In these circumstances, it is concluded that private banks do not set their rates independently from State interference and that the lending strategy of the privately owned banks is directed by the government of the PRC.
As regards the overall logic of the sale and lease back model, BAVARIA submits, finally, that it is only natural that NEUWOGES has to repay BAVARIA s initial investment plus interest.
Gross Remuneration
The transfer of the employment contracts associated with the tendered asset clusters follows from German law 77 and German labour courts jurisprudence 78 , which foresee that the employees are automatically transferred to the buyer of the assets, but that in an insolvency context the buyer can request from the insolvency administrator to terminate employment contracts.
40,1 136
In relation to the exemption which extends to material which is mainly, but not wholly, the by product of industrial combustion process or metal smelting refining, the UK authorities explained that additional chemicals are sometimes required to stabilise the material to render it suitable for aggregate use.
Furthermore, the three interested parties stress that the behaviour of the FITD and its member banks should be assessed not in abstract terms, by referring to a hypothetical non regulated scenario, but rather on the basis of the regulatory framework in which they operate.
As regards the measure's financing through State resources, where the result of a measure is that the State forgoes revenues which it would otherwise have to collect from an undertaking in normal circumstances, that condition is also fulfilled 5 .
According to BAC, none of the investments described in the 2012 extension decision was the object of a legally binding decision before 12 December 2000.
With respect to the normally vested criterion, which had not been further clarified by the Panel 61 yet, the Commission considered that the provision of raw materials located within a country to national companies is a function which is normally vested in the government.
Hungary further explains that the Act treats public and commercial broadcasters equally and any publication of advertisement for remuneration is subject to the same tax liability.
Germany disagreed to the comments of Air Berlin concerning the existence of competition between Lübeck airport and Hamburg airport.
Although the GOC claims that the state owned banks are not public bodies and that the lending and deposit interest rate market has been liberalized, there is no evidence of a major reform on the banking sector in the PRC which would create a more market driven system for granting loans.


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